Clinical References & Testimonials

On the PhenQ product website, there’s a list of clinical references that gives specifics on information that’s referenced throughout their product descriptions – and in this article, we’re going to go through these clinical references and discuss them in some greater detail.

Clinical Reference #1: Capsimax Powder, a Key Ingredient in PhenQ

The first clinical reference to appear on the product website is in reference to one of the key ingredients in the weight-loss supplement, Capsimax Powder. The clinical reference is to a study that was published back in 2012. It was titled “Capsaicinoids and capsinoids. A potential role for weight management? A systematic review of the evidence.”

You can view the abstract of the study here. Basically, this study found that ingredients in this category do contribute to weight loss in a positive way. Here’s a quote from the abstract that summarizes the role that this category of ingredients was shown to play in regards to weight loss…

“While capsaicinoids are not a magic bullet for weight loss, the evidence is that they could play a beneficial role, as part of a weight management program.”

Clinical Reference #2: Calcium Carbonate, Another Key Ingredient

The second clinical reference has to do with the ingredient Calcium Carbonate, and links it to a study that was named “Calcium and Dairy Acceleration of Weight and Fat Loss during Energy Restriction in Obese Adults.”

This study (which you can read for yourself here) was published in 2004, and basically concluded that a high-calcium diet could increase the weight and fat loss experienced during a normal calorie-deficit diet.

Clinical Reference #3: Chromium Picolinate, Another Key Ingredient

This reference linked Chromium Picolinate to a study titled “A double-blind, placebo-controlled, exploratory trial of chromium picolinate in atypical depression: effect on carbohydrate craving.”

You can view the study here – but it basically confirmed that this key ingredient can indeed curb appetite and carb cravings in people who are suffering from depression.

Clinical References #4 and #5: Caffeine, Another Key Ingredient

The PhenQ website cited a study called “Effects of caffeine on human behavior” when talking about the positive benefits of caffeine in their supplement. This study was released back in 2002, and basically confirmed that caffeine does affect the human body in a number of positive ways. The PhenQ website links to this study to provide evidence for statements that are recorded there about the effects of caffeine and what role in plays in the supplement.

The study definitely seems to support what the website says – so it seems to be legitimate.

The makers of PhenQ also cited a study called “Caffeine and exercise: metabolism, endurance and performance.”  You can view this study here. It basically confirms that caffeine has a lot of beneficial attributes that could greatly enhance a product like PhenQ, and helps to build a strong case for the fact that it’s included as a key ingredient in this supplement.


Since PhenQ is a pretty new product, there aren’t a ton of detailed testimonials out there right now – though, as I continue to learn about it, I’m quickly realizing that this will probably change. This is actually a very exciting product in the weight loss/diet supplement world, and you can tell by how people are talking about it that it seems to do a good job.

Here are a few of the testimonies that I found on the official product website. These seem to mirror the other types of reviews that I’ve tracked down over the course of my research, and seem to be a pretty good representation of what other customers are saying.

“I always hated having my picture taken – I used to try and hide behind other people in photos. I had to hold my stomach in all the time, and every time I sat down I’d have to cover it with my arms so people couldn’t see it. Now I don’t have anything to hide, and I love having my picture taken!”

This testimonial was written by a 21 year old female named Ashley – who lost 7 pounds while using PhenQ. You can read this review and others like it for yourself here, on the official product website.

Here’s another.

“Caden was born a year ago and being a first time mom I just never had the time or energy to lose the baby weight. But PhenQ made it really easy. It really helped me cut down on food – even cookies, which are my big weakness, and I’ve got loads more energy when I take it. I’m now back to my pre-baby weight after just a few months”

This review was written by a 26 year old woman named Jessica, who lost 15 pounds while using the product.

You can even try it risk free

PhenQ comes with a 60 day, risk free, money-back guarantee – so you can actually try it for yourself without taking on any extra risk. If you end up not liking it, you can simply return it and get a refund – making it a purchase that you pretty much can’t go wrong with.



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